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Stewart Munn

Painter, born 22/6/1884. 1 West Stewart St., Greenock. SON OF WILLIAM AND ISABELLA BROWN MUNN, OF GREENOCK.

Enlisted 8/8/1904; Anson Bn A/19 22/8/14-14/8/15 Gallipoli Dysentry, invalided to UK 23/8/15; draft for Anson Bn BEF 16/12/16, joined Anson Bn 4/1/17-28/2/17 Piles, invalided to UK 7/3/17, transferred to RN Barracks for Service at Sea

torpedoed and sunk by SM UB-30 on 31 August 1917

Whilst proceeding south to London with a cargo of coal this ex-Danish steamer was torpedoed without warning at 7.45 a.m. by a German submarine. The helmsman, who was on watch at the time, stated that the master had seen the wake from the torpedo approaching the ship and ordered the helm put hard to starboard. The vessel began to sink very rapidly, all the crew taking to the starboard lifeboat, as the port side boat were smashed.

The lifeboat then capsized drowning the master and 14 of the crew. The survivors clung to the upturned boat, one of them managed to swim back to the RAGNHILD which was still afloat, were he managed to launch the jolly boat and he picked up the only other three survivors. At 10.15 a.m. they were picked up by a T.B.D. which took the RAGNHILD in tow, but the vessel sank at noon before reaching safety. The surviving crew were later landed at Grimsby .


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Stewart Munn